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Gratuitous puppy pictures

Angus the Rockhound at 4 weeks old

Just because we can – gratuitous puppy pictures for you!

I don’t know where these have been hiding but they appeared out of the blue on the computer the other day when I was looking for something else.  This is the day we went to meet the all Angus’s brothers and sisters and we had to choose one.  Angus was one of 15 puppies in the litter so it was proving to be a pretty difficult task until he came and sat on my foot.  I picked him up and he snuggled into my neck and that was it – I was a puppy mummy and he had found his furever home.

Angus the Rockhound puupy at 4 weeks old
Life’s pretty good for Angus the Rockhound at 4 weeks old
Angus the Rockhound puppy at 4 weeks old
Milk all over his face and ears – Angus the Rockhound at 4 weeks old
Angus the Rockhound at puppy 4 weeks old
He chose me to be his puppy mummy, not the other way around – Angus the Rockhound at 4 weeks old










Just 4 weeks old and as cute as a button! He would still love to be cuddled like this if only he wasn’t so BIG 🙂

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2016 Federal Election result: #dogsatpollingstations clear winner

Angus from Rockhoundz does his bit at the 2016 federal election #dogsatpollingstations

Angus from Rockhoundz does his bit at the 2016 federal election #dogsatpollingstationsAngus from Rockhoundz does his bit at the 2016 federal election #dogsatpollingstations

In a clear win for dogmocracy, #dogsatpollingstations went viral on Twitter on Saturday.

I got a ride in the good car and we went to the local community hall.  It’s one of my favourite places because once there were kids and balloons and an entire pig being cooked there and we had a real party!

This time, though, instead of kids and balloons and pigs ears there was a lady who gave me a nice pat and then tried to hand me a how to vote card.  No way!  This dog knows his own mind when it comes to voting for a representative in Poodlement.

Then I found an old water bottle that someone had dropped in the carpark.  Seriously people – look after your things!  Don’t you know how much fun an empty water bottle can be?  Anyway, you’ve lost your precious and now it’s mine.

Into the polling station we went and there were four more very bored people who were so happy to see me.  They finally had someone to show them how to play with a water bottle!  I couldn’t vote because the polling booths were all too tall.  You can see from the photos below that the dogscrimination was immense.  Not a single one of these poor dogs could reach the pencils and they are sitting outside in peaceful protest.

I heard some of them got a Democracy Sausage at the polling stations but there were none at mine.  They must have done a Good Sit to get a sausage!

Se you round the ridges,

angus seal of approval


ps. For more photos of me out and about in this great nation just follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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If you are paying more than $5.50 for rock specimens then you are paying too much!

scoria from
scoria from
scoria from Rockhoundz


School budgets are too tight to waste a single cent unnecessarily. We’ve seen this rock advertised elsewhere for over $20. It is exactly the same specimen from exactly the same geological formation that we offer for only $5.50.

Actually, theirs is a bit smaller than ours.

So, please let us help you make the most out of every precious dollar you have to spend on equipment and consumables in your science department. Don’t spend 4 times as much for the exact same specimens we can offer you when you don’t have to.

Unless it’s dipped in chocolate. Then it’s totally worth it.

And every rock at Rockhoundz has the official Angus Seal of Approval!

angus seal of approval

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