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Why sell rocks?

Geology is now a core part of the Australian National Science Curriculum. For too long we’ve seen teachers preparing and presenting really rockin’ geology lessons in classrooms without access to decent size specimens to demonstrate with. Earth science is big and exciting and really, really interesting to most kids – but most geology specimens are tiny pebbles that you just can’t get excited about. Our rocks are different.

What’s different about these rocks?

There are lots of geology specimens on the market.  Most of them are about 30mm in size – that’s about the size of a 20c coin.   Our rocks are big – about 75mm – which makes them much easier to use to identify the crystals they are made up of.  Much easier to identify layers or inclusions and see weathering or fracture patterns.  Much easier to teach with – and harder to get lost in a pocket or a pencil case.  Most geology specimens are brought in from all over the world, which is fine but it’s difficult to use them to teach with if you don’t know where they’ve come from.  We source our rocks from suppliers who’s business it is to know exactly what they are digging out of the ground, how it was made, when it was made and what it’s good for so we can pass this on to you to use in your lessons.

Who are these rocks for?

These specimens are for anyone teaching geology, interested in geology, or obsessed with geology like we are.

Will I get the rock in the picture?

No.  Geology specimens are a natural product. Please note that the display on the screen and the photography can show variation in colours which is no reason to return the goods.  Images in the online shop are sample images only and do not depict the actual specimen you will receive.  The specimen despatched will be of the same type and from the formation listed in the product description, as is the sample depicted in the product image.

Do you always keep the same old rocks in stock?

No.  There are some samples that are easy to source and keep around all the time.  Others are a bit special or have to be sourced from further away.  Minerals in particular come and go from the shop subject to availability.  The products in the shop are always being updated so it pays to keep an eye on the Hound.

I don’t understand much about geology. Where do I start?

Start with our blog.  We’ll be gathering lots of good teaching and learning resources there that we’ve either developed ourselves or sourced from others on the web.  More of a visual person?  Follow us on Pinterest.  Like it short and sweet?  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Ordering & Payments

How do I order?

Orders can only be placed in the online shop. Wholesale inquiries will be considered and can be forwarded to our CONTACT page. The Rockhoundz online shop assortment can be updated at any time.  If for some reason an ordered item is no longer available, you will be informed by e-mail. You’ll have the choice of exchanging that particular item or just cancelling that portion of the order. The remainder of your order will still be valid and will be shipped after your confirmation. Products will not be placed on back order if they are not available at the time you order.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Sorry, we no longer accept purchase orders or provide goods on account.


Shipping costs

Shipping costs are not included in our prices.  Shipping is a flat rate of $20.00 per order including GST (within Australia).  Orders $150.00 (including GST) and over are shipped free (within Australia). Please contact us for international shipping rates.


Orders are despatched within 5 business days of receiving an order.

Parcels will be shipped via the most efficient method for delivery to your destination. Delivery times vary depending on destinations. Allow 5-10 business days for delivery.  If your delivery hasn’t arrived in a reasonable time then let us know and the Hound will sniff it out for you.

Please make sure your shipping details are correct.  If your details are incorrect we can not take responsibility for lost parcels.

Returns & Exchange

What if my order is incorrect?

If your order is incorrect  when you receive it please have a howl to the hound immediately on our CONTACT page.

We abide by the ACCC guidelines for treating customers fairly regarding returns and exchanges.  Please refer to the ACCC website accc.gov.au for information on your rights and guarantees as a consumer as well as our rights and protections as a business.  Generally we can remedy a problem quickly and easily with a replacement or refund as soon as you let us know.

What if my parcel gets lost?

Customers will receive their choice of a refund or replacement (if product is available) if a parcel is lost or damaged in transit.



Rockhoundz denies any and all liability for damage to purchased goods that may occur through incorrect usage – and in particular inappropriate use by the customer.


Are my details safe?

Yes! Under no circumstances will we use your details for any purpose other then to ship your parcel, send the occasional email if you choose to sign up to our Houndz Release newsletter or publish your name on our site as a competition winner.  All competition entries are voluntary.  Comments on our blog will be published and viewable by the general public following moderation.

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The really important stuff

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