About Us


Woof! I’m Angus, I’m a Bull Arab cross and I’m your Rockhound. I love playing
with my frisbee, chasing the hose and sniffing out good rocks to carry around
and leave on the verandah.

Mum and Dad have decided to make me earn my keep, so now I’m sniffing out rocks
without faults to help make teaching Earth Science easier for teachers and more
interesting for students.

My mum, Deb, has worked in Queensland Schools since 1999. She’s tired of seeing
teachers deliver fantastic lessons in Earth Science full of volcanoes and
earthquakes and folding and landslides only to have to put a pebble ‘specimen’
on the desk in front of a kid and expect them to get excited about geology. Our
geology samples are big – big enough for me to wrap my mouth around.

My dad, Jaimie, knows enough geology to help me find some great specimens and is
really good with a geology pick and hammer. In the past he’s used geology and
soil science to help him with his ecology projects with CSIRO and Queensland
Primary Industries.

So keep an eye on us here, sign up for the Houndz Release newsletter and sniff
us out on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. We’ll help you build your geology
lessons layer by layer starting with a bedrock of classroom samples worth using
and adding images, prac ideas and teaching resources. And feel free to have a howl
to us on the Contact Us page any time you like.

See you round the ridges,