Polarizing microscope (B-Pol)

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Monocular polarizing microscope for observing geological thin sections.

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The  B-POL  is  an  ideal  inexpensive student  or  industry  type  monocular polarizing microscope. Equipped with all  the  standard  polarizing accessories,  such  as  Bertrand  Lens, Lambda  and  lambda  /4  wedge  on  a single slide.

The  variable  6V  20W  halogen illumination  offers  sufficient illumination  for  polarization  type application. Rotatable  360  degree  stage  with degree  scale  allows  user  to  define mineral specification.

Condenser  1.25  Abbe  type  is mounted  on  rack  and  pinion  for adjustment  and  is  equipped  with  iris diaphragm.

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