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2016 Federal Election result: #dogsatpollingstations clear winner

Angus from Rockhoundz does his bit at the 2016 federal election #dogsatpollingstations

Angus from Rockhoundz does his bit at the 2016 federal election #dogsatpollingstationsAngus from Rockhoundz does his bit at the 2016 federal election #dogsatpollingstations

In a clear win for dogmocracy, #dogsatpollingstations went viral on Twitter on Saturday.

I got a ride in the good car and we went to the local community hall.  It’s one of my favourite places because once there were kids and balloons and an entire pig being cooked there and we had a real party!

This time, though, instead of kids and balloons and pigs ears there was a lady who gave me a nice pat and then tried to hand me a how to vote card.  No way!  This dog knows his own mind when it comes to voting for a representative in Poodlement.

Then I found an old water bottle that someone had dropped in the carpark.  Seriously people – look after your things!  Don’t you know how much fun an empty water bottle can be?  Anyway, you’ve lost your precious and now it’s mine.

Into the polling station we went and there were four more very bored people who were so happy to see me.  They finally had someone to show them how to play with a water bottle!  I couldn’t vote because the polling booths were all too tall.  You can see from the photos below that the dogscrimination was immense.  Not a single one of these poor dogs could reach the pencils and they are sitting outside in peaceful protest.

I heard some of them got a Democracy Sausage at the polling stations but there were none at mine.  They must have done a Good Sit to get a sausage!

Se you round the ridges,

angus seal of approval


ps. For more photos of me out and about in this great nation just follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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Backyard PD in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Backyard PD 21-13 June
Hervey Bay Backyard PD 21-13 June

Choose your PD, choose your day. Eight different workshops presented over 3 days (after school).

How to get away with murder: hands on toad euthanasia workshop using the   current approved CO2 protocol, includes a dissection.

Rock identification, “Rocks you know you know”. Discover your own secret knowledge of rocks

Use local foraminifera as a tool to teach sorting techniques, biological terminology and the use of a dichotomous key for identification. See how modern day species compare to 8000 year old microfossils (byo stereo microscope essential).

Eye dissection and eye physiology workshops.

Female reproductive system dissection.

Heart anatomy using injectable paint.

Select your preferred PD and register now at:


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Earth science and more workshops in Mackay in April

Mackay Science Miniconference April 2016 featuring Dissection Connection, Rockhoundz, Cider House Tech, Fizzics Education, Berwick Office Technology

Mackay Science Miniconference


We’ve had a great response so far thank you!

If you still want to join your colleagues in education for some great PD in Mackay, there are only days left to register.


On the 7th & 8th April we’re bringing you a couple of days of serious science fun. Miss Vivi and I received such a warm welcome in Mackay on our way to Cairns last year that we’ve gathered up some mates and are taking them back with us this year. For anyone in North Queensland this is an ideal opportunity to get good quality PD right in your own backyard, so please join us and encourage your colleagues to come along too.

If you don’t live near Mackay then consider joining us for a couple of days professional development and a tropical getaway anyway. These dates are just before Term 2 goes back and it’s a really lovely time of year to be in North Queensland.

Please share this invitation with your local network as well by clicking on forward to a friend below. The proposed list of workshops is below and they have been chosen because they will be worthwhile for lab technicians, primary and secondary teachers, pre-service teachers and home schooling parents.



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Conference newsletter signup Click here

  • Virtual science excursions
  • 3D Printing & 3D Scanning
  • The science of waves
  • Microfossils and foraminifera
  • Chemistry with dataloggers
  • Female reproductive system dissection
  • Physics with dataloggers
  • Networking drinks
  • Cane toad euthanasia
  • Tour of the school farm
  • Environment, soil and water testing with dataloggers
  • Plucks vs piglets dissection
  • Simple ways to teach air pressure
  • 3D Printing & 3D Scanning
  • Kitchen science
  • Earth science















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